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WoW: Summary of Game Director Tom Chilton Interview

•One of the most significant changes to WoW in recent years has been the opening up of different content types to more players.

•Grommash is now a character who is uniting the orc clans and taking on a quest to conquer the world

•Raiding in Warlords will be more than just orcs - the first raid zone is ogres.

•Tom thinks WoW will make it to 20 years - as long as there are players asking for more content there will be more content made.

•The next expansion is already in progress

•The expansion following that (8.0) is a choice between a couple of options, they have six or seven different ideas for future ones that could be used in part. There's at least 10 years more content.

•Response to the beta has been satisfactory - as the builds become more complete players can see the developers' vision better.

•Warlords is certainly trying to bring back lapsed players and make things easier for new players

•WoW's demographic has become a lot older, and therefore more casual, so the game has to adapt

•Tom's personal highlight would probably be the original development of the talent system

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