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WoW: Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes Updated for Dec 10th

In the new round of the hotfixes list Blizzard released, Rhonin has finally lost his yelling voice after the millionth hero saved the world from certain destruction. Cold logic deemed your ears not worth saving. Cold logic. If you want to buy WoW gold, please visit our site and find the cheapest! Here we will share you with the key points:

* Rhonin, Leader of the Kirin Tor, should now be reciting their spoken lines to characters within a much smaller radius in the streets of the city of Dalaran.

* Players defeating the final boss that pushes their invasion score to over 1000 should now correctly be able to receive credit for obtaining a gold rating.

* The world bosses Drov the Ruiner and Tarlna the Ageless in Gorgrond now share a single loot eligibility lockout.

* Both Drov the Ruiner and Tarlna the Ageless should no longer be available at the same time.

* Raid buffs to Mastery no longer counts for food that provides a well fed buff to the highest secondary stat.

For the full list, head over to the official site! We will always give the latest information about WoW. Choose cheap WoW gold here, and get fast and safe delivery!

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