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WoW: Halloween’s End Brings New Treats and Lich King

We exclusively offer WoW gold at discount prices. Halloween in the world of Azeroth is a time for festivities, broomsticks, candy, and pug costumes. Chances are if you’re human and your heart is beating, you like at least one of those things.

Technically, World of Warcraft’s Hallow’s End commemorates the separation of the Forsaken from the Scourge, and what better way to celebrate undead liberation than with a new set of achievements, prizes, and disguises.

From October 18 to November 1, visit any inn or main city (Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, Dalaran, Shattrath, Exodar, or Silvermoon) to take part in the spooky festivities. If you’re at least level 89, take on the Headless Horseman, and maybe win yourself a new mount. Note: Mount is not headless.

Most importantly, WoW players can purchase an Arthas costume for 500 Tricky Treats. That’s right, dress up as the mighty ex-Lich King and prance around the world pretending to be the murderer of a thousand lost souls.

The costume has only 50 charges, but can be used outside of the Hallow’s End event. While you’re Arthas-ing, pay a visit to Stormwind or the Undercity to light your faction’s Wickerman, or douse the opposing faction’s spirits. If that isn’t enough faction warfare for you, then join the stink bomb army and drop bundles of noxious fun on enemy towns.

If race-based vengeance isn’t your scene, enjoy bobbing for apples, digging through candy pumpkins, watching the Headless Horseman burn buildings down, and dressing up your pug in one of three pugtastic disguises: Yipp-Saron, Mad Alchemist, and Lil’ Starlet.

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