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WoW: Garrison Secrets and Hidden Rescoures

In Warlords of Draenor, expansion, Garrsions have some new features. From riffs on celebrity names to hidden caches of Garrison resources to a special bird that will make you the envy of all your RP friends, we've compiled a list of everything we've found so far. When you want to buy WoW gold, don’t hesitate to choose us!

First, is Pepe, the bird that you can wear on your head. As outlined by our very own Anne Stickney earlier in the week, Pepe is a bird hiding in a tree in your Garrison.

Second, is Pippers the Pug. You've seen this little guy running about your Alliance Garrison barking and digging, but thankfully not smearing his lava-stained back end on your imported Dalaran rug.

Additionally, you'll get a special achievement for using the outhouse. That's right, just click on the door of the Garrison latrine and you'll find yourself seated inside and receiving the Staying Regular achievement. Hit the forward movement key to walk out and, as a bonus, you'll get the Relieved buff which will grant you a 2% run speed increase for 5 minutes.

As for the names, famous musicians seem to be the theme for the Alliance Garrisons. If you have a Lumber Mill (and who doesn't to get the resources to upgrade your Garrison to level 3), you'll see the Foreman who you place work orders with is none other than Justin Timberlord.

For you, older players, there is a lumberjack hanging around just outside the level 2 Alliance Garrison next to the cook named none other than Ken Loggin.

Do you think there are other hidden gems I did not mention above? Anyway, if you are looking for where to buy cheap WoW gold, head over to our sites! We guarantee to provide you with the best!

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