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WoW: Garrison’s General Buildings Guide (5)

The Pet Menagerie

How to unlock?

To unlock this building you’ll have to have a pet team. You’ll have to complete the Pets Versus Pests quest (Pets Versus Pests / Pets Versus Pests). The pets you have to defeat are: Gnawface, Carrotus Maximus, and Gorefu. Yes, you need level 25 pets to defeat them.

What can you do here?

This building will allow you to battle Elite pets every day and have some unique rewards. Plus your trap will get better, the cooldown of Revive Pets spell will be reduced,  With every new level you’ll get:

•Level 1: Attracts elite pets you can battle for rewards. Also lets 5 of your battle pets hang out in your garrison.

•Level 2: Increases your trap chance and reduces the cooldown of Revive Battle Pets while in Draenor. Up to 10 of your pets can now hang out in your garrison.

•Level 3: Unlocks a pet battle daily with unique pet rewards.
The interesting thing about this building is that you’ll be able to pick your favorite pets that can hang out with you and your followers in the garrisons. The pets will have their custom names as well.


Even if these buildings are available for every one and the quests and requirements to unlock them are pretty basic, it still going to become a daily routine for everyone if you want to fully benefit from their bonuses. There are still a few things unfinished and is pretty hard to fully test everything this way, but at least we can understand what to expect from these general buildings.

We will try to keep everything updating. Of course, if you want to buy WoW Gold, choose our cheap WoW items.


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