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WoW: Garrison’s General Buildings Guide (4)

The Fishing Shack


How to unlock?

First of all, unlike the building we wrote about, the Herb Garden and the Mine, this one requires at least Level 1 at Fishing. You’ll have to have the profession… Other than that a quick quests is all it takes to unlock the Fishing Hut. Just visit Ron Ashton, as alliance, or Mak'jin, as horde.

What can you do here?

This Shack will give you access to a Draenor fishing daily quest rewarding Pack of Fishing Supplies.

Here is what leveling the Fishing Shack gives us:

•Level 1: Allows small Draenor fish to be caught in Garrison waters and provides access to daily Fishing quests.
•Level 2: Allows medium Draenor fish to be caught in Garrison waters.
•Level 3: Grants you a chance to catch unique fish in Garrison waters. These can be used to lure Cavedwellers onto the shore.

Leveling up will increase the chance of catching better fish in Garrison waters, and at level 3 (unlocked after you complete the Draenor Angler achievement) you’ll be able to summon a monster fish. Lunarfall Cavedweller as alliance and Frostdeep Cavedweller as horde. These creatures may hold loot like: Nat's Lucky Coin, Hightfish Cap, or Worm Supreme. The thing is that if you want to summon these monsters you’ll need to catch a special fish in the Garrison waters, and people are reporting that the drop rate is pretty low at the moment.

Like the other buildings, you can place a follower here to work for you, one with Fishing trait of course, and by the look of the shack we might see work orders for fishing as well. Even if it requires only level 1 at fishing to unlock the building at first, higher skill will be required for various tasks.

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