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WoW: Garrison’s General Buildings Guide (3)

The Mine


How to unlock?

Unlocking the Mine (aka. Lunarfall Excavation / Frostwall Mines) is pretty similar to the Herb Garden. Just the the Things Are Not Goren Our Way quest (Things Are Not Goren Our Waye / Things Are Not Goren Our Way). Look at your garrison map and you’ll see where the mine is… This is a simple quest. Follow the path deep into the mines and slay the boss there.

What can you do here?

The Mines are the mining version of the herb Garded we wrote about above. You’ll be able to dig up Draenor ore from the mine you just cleaned. You can sell, smelt or prospect the ores… Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a miner to dig up the ore nodes in this mine. Along with the ore, the nodes of Draenor and the nodes from this mine, can hold Draenic Stone too. For 25 of these stones you can talk with Gorsol, as horde, or Timothy Leens, as alliance, to start a work order. This work order will give you a crate filled with Draenor ores.

For the moment I couldn’t find any other use for these stones.

Upgrading the mines will give us:

•Level 1: Allows players to mine Draenic Stone from mineral nodes in Draenor. Draenic Stone can be converted to work orders for Draenor minerals.
•Level 2: Allows followers with the Mining trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also opens a new mineshaft, granting access to additional mining nodes and allows up to 3 work orders at once.
•Level 3: A final mineshaft allows access to rich mining nodes. In addition, garrison guards will patrol your mine, keeping it clear of hostile Goren. Also allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Basically with every new level your mine will go deeper, giving you access to more mining nodes, ore carts, more work orders, possibility to place followers to work here and patrols in the mines to keep the mines clean.

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