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WoW: Garrison’s General Buildings Guide (1)

Today we’ll take a look over the general building. These are the buildings that everyone will have on their garrison and will take no plot space to build. Basically you’ll just have to unlock them. We are professional in offering WoW Gold, and you can take them into consideration if you need.

The Town Hall

How to unlock?

This building is already built when you first enter your Garrison. There is nothing you should do except for the introductory quests, after you finish the  quests from Tanaan Jungle. Everything is based on quests here. Basically following the Garrison quests chains will allow you to upgrade to level 2 and this will give you access to more buildings and plots.

What can you do here?

This is the core building of your Garrison. Here you can build the other buildings, upgrade the existing buildings, manage your followers, prepare for the missions. Even if the Town Hall is building you’ll visit every time you are returning to your Garrison, the benefits from upgrading it are:

•Level 1: Unlocks access to a large and small building plot.
•Level 2: Unlocks access to a medium and an additional small building plot. Also unlocks access to small, medium and large buildings. (Herb Garden, Fishing Shack, Mine are  also unlocked)
•Level 3: Unlocks access to an additional large, medium, and small building plot. Also grants access to 3 custom monuments and a direct transport to Ashran.

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