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WoW: Garrison’s Large Buildings Guide (4)

Here, we will continue talking about what you can do with Large Building on the beta tests. First of all, you will have one large plot available at level 1 and 1 more plot at level 3. You will have to decide what buildings your garrison needs from 4 Large Building. You can click here to buy WoW gold at the best prices. The fourth building is Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge.


The mage tower will help you with portals to the main areas of Draenor.

•Level 1: Allows the collection of ogre waystones from Ogres on Draenor. These waystones can be used to power an Ogre Waygate of your choice on Draenor.

•Level 2: Unlocks access to a second Ogre Waygate for a total of 2.
•Level 3: Unlocks access to a third Ogre Waygate for a total of 3.
All the levels are the same but with new level you’ll be able to use up to three portals (Ogre waygates). To open a waygate you’ll need Ogre Waystones. These stones are dropped by all the ogres in Draenor, but you need at to have the tower built for them to drop. To open a gate you need 25 stones and to close it you’ll need 10 stones. There is a gate in each major areas of Draenor:

•Frostfire Ridge at 61.5,45.6
•Gorgrond at 58.0,34.5
•Nagrand at 32.2,46.2
•Shadowmoon Valley at 50.5,35.6
•Spires of Arak at 54.6,51.6
•Talador at 55.1,46.0.

To be continued, we will give more information in the future articles. Cheap WoW gold can be found here! Hope you can enjoy your game!

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