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WoW Tokens Are Coming Soon

As Blizzard announced last month, WoW Token allows world of warcraft players to buy game time buy using in-game gold, or purchase gold with cash. But the Tokens can be sold for gold once, then they can only be changed for game time. 

WoW Tokens will give wealthy players a way to put their gold to practical use, and more importantly, to provide those who want more gold a way to acquire it without having to rely on sketchy third-party sellers. They're currently being tested on the World of Warcraft PTR, and are expected to be rolled out to the public in the weeks following the release of the 6.1.2 patch—which, by the way, happened today. 

It will first go live in American game area, then expand to other regions, tokens in America will be sold for $20, and can be sold for 30 days game time or put up for sale for in-game gold on the region-wide Token exchange. Blizzard will set the initial gold value of Tokens for each region, after which the price will be allowed to fluctuate based on supply and demand.

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