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WoW Tokens, an In-game Subscription Currency Coming Soon

WoW token, a new in-game subscription currency will come soon. You can buy game time with the tokens without spending real money. Now, it is time for to hoard WoW gold for the future use. Why not choose this reliable site? We are exclusively providing you with the cheap WoW gold.


If you are interested in the detiales of WoW tokens, head over to the official site. Here, we are going to give you some highlights:

1. Players can purchase WoW Tokens at a fixed real-money price through the in-game shop.
2. Once purchased, the WoW Tokens can be placed on the Auction House for sale.
3. WoW Tokens bought off the Auction House become soulbound, preventing any gaming of the market.
4. The in-game gold price of the WoW Token will be determined dynamically, based upon supply and demand, by the server. You cannot artificially raise or lower the price/value of the Token - you will be quoted the amount of gold you will receive for selling one at the time of listing your auction. All Tokens will be available at the current dynamic market price when you visit the Auction House.

WoW Tokens are only available in 30-day denominations at this time. Tokens do not expire and cannot be deleted.

More information will be updated soon, like the time of WoW tokens to lauch. Of course, we will offer you the latest info as soon as we know any details! Don't forget to buy WoW gold from our website!

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