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WoW Token: Something You May Want to Know

As a World of Warcraft players, WoW Token definitely is the hottest thing for these days. It has been live now. Players are available to purchase the gold with real money. Have you tried it before? The most important thing is to buy wow gold safely. If you have played World of Warcraft for a very long time. Before WoW Token the only way to buy in-game gold with real currency was to go through one of many gray market third-party services (which technically goes against Blizzard's terms of service for the game).

At first, $20 can purchase 30,000 gold, then that initial gold price of a token has fallen over 27 percent to 21,739 gold. This is not that suprising if you know $20 can get you anywhere from 10,000 to roughly 15,000 gold on the gray market. 

The drop in auction house token prices seems to be slowing down somewhat now. Still, it seems likely that the "official" gold value of a dollar will continue to decline until it at least approaches the rates already available outside the game. So if you have a hankering to convert some of your excess hoard of gold into some extra play time, we recommend waiting at least a little bit. If you're looking to turn your money into in-game gear, though, you'd best jump in while the market still seems to be a bit artificially inflated.

We will keep updating if there is anything new about wow token. By the way if you want to buy wow gold, remember to check on our site. We provide cheap wow gold here.

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