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WoW Token: Different Price for Different Region

WoW Token now is available at different regions. How about your region? Hope you have got some good experience with wow tokens. Today we will introduce the different token price for different regions. If you want to buy ArcheAge gold or wow gold, our site will be a good choice for you.

For European area, WoW Token has been enabled on European realms on April, 21. The price was set to 35,000 gold. Currently after one week, the prices have been fluctuating between 29,382 gold up to 47,339 gold. The current buy price is 44,401 gold.

For American region, WoW Tokens were enabled earlier than in Europe, so they're not as new. An interesting fact is their gold value. It is almost a half cheaper than in Europe. Prices have been fluctuating between 18.889 gold up to 27,173 gold. The current buy price is 26,788 gold.

WoW Tokens are available China only for two days, but since these realms have a high population of botters, the price is really ridiculous. The most up-to-date Buy Price is at 68,638 gold. This is the report we've got available for now.

For more other region, feel free to check on the official site. And welcome to share your comment about these different price. And if you need some cheap wow gold. Our site can provide what you want, feel free to check! 

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