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WoW Token Price is Set at $20

As you Know, WoW Token will follow the recent release of patch 6.1.2, and the price will be $20. When the token is launched, players can buy the tokens in game shop with real money, and also be able to exchange their tokens for gold at auction house based on the going market research.

With the set market price and clear-cut exchange system, players need not have to worry about their Tokens selling or being undercut due to market shifts. All players who buy or sell Tokens will receive the exact amount of gold they have been quoted. As soon as a player uses gold to purchase a WoW Token from the Auction House, the Token automatically becomes a Soulbound which can be redeemed for an equivalent of 30 days of game time. The $20 WoW Tokens will be priced at "roughly equivalent in each local currency," the Patch notes stated, with the starting gold value for each region dependent on the region's in-game economy, as well as what the game developers deem to be a fair and reasonable price. From that point onward, the gold value for Tokens will be determined by a dynamic system based on supply and demand.  

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