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WoW News: a Chinese Player Dies after Playing 19 Hours

We have reported that Blizzard announcd the release of in-game token, and players can buy game time with in-game gold. You can buy WoW gold from our reliable site for the future use. It is exciting for gamers, however, bad things happened! An 24-year-old gamer Wu Tai coughed up blood, collapsed, and died before his fellow gamers at an internet cafe during a 19-hour World of Warcraft session.

No, he didn’t spend 19 hours in Barrens chat. Toward the end of playing WoW for nearly an entire day straight, fellow gamers in the internet cafe saw Wu Tai turn away from the screen and begin violently coughing. He slumped in his chair after the coughing attack, and his gaming compatriots noticed he was dabbing blood away from his mouth with a handkerchief. When asked if he was okay, the suffering gamer replied that he did feel better and would be fine. The cafe patrons called for an ambulance anyway, but Wu Tai died before they arrived.

Obviously, playing World of Warcraft didn’t kill a completely healthy 24-year-old. He likely had a prior ailment and, instead of resting, used his precious little energy to play games. An autopsy will figure out the cause of death, and should be able to suss out why playing 19 hours of WoW would be fatal — or at least discover that it was all just an unfortunate coincidence.

So no matter what kind of game you are playing, you should take 15-minute breaks once an hour to keep healthy. And if you want to accomplish challenges in World of Warcraft, buy cheap WoW gold from this site!

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