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WOW fear of heart simple strategy


A simple strategy: use the sidelines spear control four little strange, 1 tanks took five little Johnson and BOSS, also can 2 separate tanzi pull small blame and BOSS. The corrosion resin, to less local mobile placed yellow water, see a teammate was amber trapped near the point right after the first time save. Melee must interrupt good small strange article read treatment. Small blame after struck into P2 stage, pay attention to hide the storm bomb can. (accidentally met also won't have too big danger).

Violent game: no need to control, all small blame and BOSS pull together A, treatment pay attention to look after the tank can.
Destroy group reason:
1, BOSS and small blame all pull, tanks off blood not smooth, then accident but jotham out group.
2, small blame treatment not interrupt, duration of time too long out group.
Fifth BOSS: amber model form is the shunk
A simple strategy: P1 is amber graver call players keep moving don't be caught, small ooze no hatred, quickly will its kill. When the player is BOSS into structure body, then to the BOSS kept by skills 1 attack, structure body health reach 20% can use skill 4 out of control, such as structure body energy is 0, the player is not yet out of control will die. So the other players should be the first time turn goal will structure body health hit 20% save his teammates. P2 stage BOSS get 99% free of injury, priority struck structure body and BOSS called out of the big strange "amber distorted monster". After the death of big strange into P3 stage, directly up skills can play BOSS.

Detail explanation:
1, if you get back, found that energy is very low, can through the skills in the field of 3 eat yellow water increase energy.
2, random team mode, variable behind if HP to 10%, the player will be out of control.

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