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World of Warcraft: Tanaan Jungle of Patch 6.2

Blizzard entertainment released a short review of the new zone of  Tanaan Jungle in Draenor on the World of Warcraft site. You can check the official post on the site of world of warcraft. Also we will provide a quick review about the information. And if you want to buy ArcheAge gold or want to know where to buy cheapest ArcheAge gold. Our website will be a good choice for you.

You must want to know how to get Tanaan Jungle in the game, in Patch 6.2, level 100 heroes of the Horde and the Alliance must return to Tanaan Jungle and stop Gul’dan before his dark plans bring about untold ruin. As part of your quest, you’ll explore Draenor’s darkest corners, confront twisted new foes, and face a new series of chapter-based quests that will put everything you’ve learned on Draenor to the test. 

One does not merely stroll into Tanaan Jungle—there are preparations to be made, including establishing a Shipyard for your Garrison in a bid to take on this new threat from two directions: both land and sea. You'll progress through a series of quests in which you'll be asked to build a Shipyard, begin an assault on Tanaan by sea, and set up a new forward base hub—Vol’mar for the Horde and Lion’s Watch for the Alliance. Completing missions will provide materials for your Shipyard, supporting your ongoing efforts to control the seas of Draenor.

For more further news, can check on the official site. We will also keep updating for you. But if you want to get wow gold. Feel free to check on our site. As we provide cheap wow gold here! 

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