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World of Warcraft: Mythic and LFR Highmaul Available for Players

We have already known that that LFR and Mythic Highmaul are available for players today. The harder version of the raid opened up a week after the release of the Normal and Heroic versions. From the community manager of official forum told us that the Mythic and the first wing of the Looking For Raid versions of the instance are now available. Although the LFR version had a bit of trouble on release, both versions are now available for play. This first wing of the Highmaul raid requires an item level of 615 or higher and includes Kargath, Butcher, and Brackenspore. You can buy WoW gold at this site!

Although the hardest version of the raid requires a set number of 20 players, Normal, Heroic, and LFR are flexible letting anywhere between 10 to 30 players participate in the raid. The instance will adjust to the number of players present while players must still manage the raid when it comes to how many tanks, damage dealers, and healers will be needed.

Those looking to complete Highmaul solely through LFR can expect the second wing to open on Dec. 16. Players will fight Tectus, Twin Ogron, and Ko’ragh within this section. Finally, on Jan. 6, the third and final wing of Highmaul opens. Heroes will face Imperator Mar’gok in this wing. These final two wings also require an item level of 615.

The next raid, Blackrock Foundry, from Warlords of Draenor is scheduled to release about eight weeks after Highmaul. It contains all new bosses and loot with a higher item level than what’s found in Highmaul. Let’s expect for it! This is the perfect site for you to find cheap WoW gold!


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