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World of Warcraft: Adopt Pet Argi to Help Ebola Relief

If you want to do something for Charity, here is a chance. Adopt Blizzard’s latest pet Argi, and the fee will to go to American Red Cross to help Ebola relief in Africa. The pet now is available in Blizzard Store now for $10. Argi is tiny enough to get lost in the tall grass of Shadowmoon Valley, occasionally trips over herself and falls face-first when running, and when left to idle too long will prance and leap in circles to burn off energy. In short, Argi is an adorable addition to any battle pet army. This is the best site for you to buy WoW gold.

At the same time, Blizzard is offering Argi bundled with a new mount: the Grinning Reaver. This reaver-style mount wears a skull mask and will drive fear into the hearts of your enemies. You can get Argi and the Grinning Reaver for $30 ($10 of which goes to charity) or the Grinning Reaver alone for $25. To find more updates and cheap WoW gold, visit our site! Our professional team always offers you the best!



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