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World of warcraft world event: Thanksgiving detailed description and strategy

We invite you to join us to celebrate Thanksgiving, this is a suitable for review your past journey and lucky, and share with friends and a good time to feast of the story. You can sit near the city of the Thanksgiving dinner table to participate in wonderful Thanksgiving feast and enjoy dinner table food. If you are interested in Thanksgiving recipes, can ask for a city of the NPC. Stuffing and potato as long as before the stove can simple food, but if you want to cook a Turkey, you have to go to get one. Take up your trust Turkey emitter, ready to hunting it.


Categories: seasonal festivals
Date: on November 18, - nov. 24,
Main: to stormwind, ironforge, darnassus, Ike soda, ogg to ramah; darkness city, silvermoon city, and thunder bluff
Town: flash gold town, Carla noth, orbiston, er, blue watch, razor hill, the blood shoe village, burrell, peace, SuoRuiSen ruins, and was buried shadow village, falcon wings square, stone nade, drop town, and the evil tooth village, light's hope chapel, pretty hammer castle, ice wind camp, south China sea town, tower Aaron meer, Thurber cher
Thanksgiving introduction:
Thanksgiving Day (Pilgrim 's Bounty) is 2009 3.2.2 version of the new large festival. In pile up with food festival dinner table to find a chair and sat down, and you can enjoy eating at hand of food, was also able to transfer to others the food before the meal plate, if do not take care to still can throw to someone else. Have not learned cooking for the people, this festival is to practice cooking good opportunity, the new 5 kinds of festival diet can make cooking directly from 1 has been practiced to 340. Cooking out items can be used to complete the daily tasks, and can also be used to make a great feast for his teammates sharing - premise is to buy to sell NPC [festival food basket].
Only during the festival of elwynn forest and appeared in carry reiss method woodland "wild Turkey" became everybody to kill object - not only because of the drop fire chicken is making [cook the roast Turkey] must material, but also because the title "traveler" must "Turkey terminator" achievements, must be in 20 minutes to kill 40 Turkey (every kill a Turkey will have a 30 seconds reciprocal counter BUFF, must in the BUFF disappear under former kill a Turkey). If meet the people than chicken... Still had better change the time to come. Another difficult to achieve achievement is "Turkey counter attack" -- use quest rewards [Turkey emitter] bombardment each race thief, turning them into the appearance of Turkey. Because the dwarf thief, orc thieves and trolls thieves are rare breed, if really can not find, please friends build a grade 1 small is also can be finished. When a title, also can get a Turkey babies as a pet. The baby's special in -- it will jump to the fire the baked, and initial the Turkey can also and Easter reward "spring rabbit" baby eggs together (which can be equated to two "spring rabbit" put together effect), but now this "BUG" has been fixed...
Thanksgiving reality sources:
300 years ago in the winter of 1620, a ship named "mayflower" boat carrying 102 unbearable Britain Puritan religious persecution to America. Because suffer from hunger and cold, the winter later, survive immigration there are only some fifty people. In the help of the local American indians, these people learned to fishing, hunting, corn and pumpkin. Celebrating the harvest, they held a thank god celebration, and invited the indians to - this is the origin of Thanksgiving. At first Thanksgiving no fixed date, until in 1863, President Lincoln announced that every year the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day, to become the general holidays holiday. On Thanksgiving, people will go home together, together to enjoy delicious Thanksgiving dinner - roast Turkey is the main course of course.

Even in difficult times, azeroth fluctuation will celebrate Thanksgiving, thanks to this piece of land grant. This is a city in the table with a lot of delicious food material review you cooking a great opportunity. This is also a good time to hunt turkeys, of course if Turkey is hard to capture the words, put your friends or enemies into a delicious Turkey is also a good choice.

Feast table
Feast table with food, around the seat can let you enjoy the food with side players through the action bar interaction. If you taste any kind of food 5 times, can get that kind of food special efficiency. In addition, if you taste of each food every 5 times, you will get "the soul of share" gain effect, lasts an hour for 10% increased popularity.
Daily quests
Cooking daily but the focus of this festival. You will be cooking pumpkin pie, corn stuffing, cranberry sauce, TangXin sweet potato and slow roast Turkey, and they bring you hold faction NPC.
Festival recipes
You can from any Thanksgiving businessman place buy feast recipes. Every this recipe contains five different formula: slow roast Turkey, TangXin sweet potato, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and corn fillings. You may need to hunt turkeys are expected to come you collected the formulation of the material.
Merchants and vendor
These foods businessman almost have all you need to cook delicious food festival, including can produce feast of food feast meal basket, for party members to provide a powerful gain effect.

Reward items
Fat Turkey: this small partners can through the fire coop summoned, is the festival of the world achievement award. You should be careful not to let it too close to campfire......

Clothes and interesting items:
Thanksgiver hat: this top serious hat is daily quests rewards.
Thanksgiver suit: thanksgiver coat, thanksgiver dress and thanksgiver robes are daily quests rewards.
Thanksgiver boots: the same is daily quests rewards and your Thanksgiving suit last items.
Turkey gun: as long as the other party is a player, this item will make your goals into a innocent Turkey.
Festival food: Thanksgiving time there are a lot of the abundance of food supply, no matter you are sitting on the table feast, or their personally cooking your food: pumpkin pie, corn stuffing, cranberry sauce, TangXin sweet potato, slow roast Turkey, sweet potato, cranberry, pumpkin, and, of course, the feast delicacies.


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