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World of Warcraft News: Patch 6.1 Arrives

WoW patch 6.1 goes live today, and it has brought tons of changes and features. Beside continuing the quest line that started with Call of the Archmage, the patch also resolves many existing issues and introduces an array of new features in the game. If you want to buy WoW gold, don’t hesitate to choose this site!

Patch 6.1 will also balance out several classes and professions in the acclaimed MMORPG. The new update is also set to bring more functionality based on the game’s twitter integration like enabling the players to post tweets for items, achievements, and screenshots within the game client using the ‘/share’ command. The Blood-Elf character models are also going to be updated in the patch. Patch 6.1 will also introduce colorblind support in the game while adding some major graphical upgrades such as a new ambient occlusion method, a new SSAA anti-aliasing option for high-end graphics cards and improving the game’s overall lighting quality.

Furthermore, the patch will enable players who have an inactive subscription to play the game and join guilds they were already a member of. Some changes have also been made to the game’s UI which include a more detailed Death Recap Screen, showing more information on how a player was killed, support for mousewheel scrolling for all multi-page windows of the game and more.

You can head over the official site for full notes if you are interested! What’s more, please keep close if you want to buy cheap WoW gold or get the latest news about World of Warcraft!

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