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World of Warcraft News: February Events Players Should Know

Yesterday, Blizzard list the several events which World of Warcraft play should expect to find in February. The biggest news is the opening of the second raid in the Warlords of Draenor expansion that was released in November. And as you know, the Blackrock Foundry raid along with 10 bosses was released yesterday. Of course, except for this, and more surprises are waiting for you. We highly recommend you buy WoW gold with discount prices from this professional site!

Here is a general list below.
* The annual Valentine celebration, Love is in the Air, will be ongoing through February 16th.
* Darkmoon Faire will kick off on February 8th and run through the 14th.
* The Lunar Festival begins on February 16th and runs through March 2nd
* The last chance to tame a Snowy Owl ends with the end of winter

In addition, the team is encouraging players to look ahead to patch 6.0.1 that is currently on the PTR. There are several guides on what to expect, what will be changing and how to prepare for the patch launch later this spring. So hope you get ready for these events and have fun!

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