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World of Warcraft New Patch Fixes a 10-Year Bug

World of Warcraft finally get a fix on an ancient glitch. It has plagued the players of MMOG for 10 years. Although the bug did not ruin the WoW gameplay, it irritated most gamers a lot. When clicking on the screen to shift the camera angle, the camera would often jolt into awkward positions. Did it bother you? Anyway, it is repaired. Here, we are exclusively offering WoW gold at discount prices with fast and safe delivery!

"On random occasions WoW will center your mouse cursor for a split second when you either right or left click. Since the mouse button is often registered as clicked at that very split second, it will move the camera around in a weird way." described by a Reddit user.

While not a game-breaking bug, this issue did cause problems for players by turning their characters around randomly and causing mis-targeting. Why not choose to buy WoW gold from this reliable site?

Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” update 6.1 fixed the error, adding a number of new features as well -- a selfie cam, Twitter integration, racing, new character models and more. If you want to know more details, you can head over the battle.net or our website! By the way, you are able to buy cheap WoW gold here!


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