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World of warcraft magic hammer of destruction unpacking diagram

To a world of warcraft famous legendary weapon, players must emerge in a pile of orange wu name. But if there's more than orange wu "to force, nothing more than there is in the game so far are unable to obtain two big magic - the lich king's match sword" cream of sorrow "and sal from auge rem hand inheritance" hammer of destruction.

Cream of sadness in a few years ago, has been launched by metal by Blizzard to set limit to collect version, many lovers are heavily buying collection. As for the destruction of the hammer, also in Blizzcon2011 by now for Blizzard r&d department general Chris Metzen with debuts in the field and sell.
Although have after more than a year, finally also have The opportunity to unpacking once The collection YiPin, For The Doomhammer!




Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake


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