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World of Warcraft Developers Q&A Highlights

The Developers of World of Warcraft, Tom Chilton, Ion Hazzikostas, Cory Stockton, and Brian Holinka, went to Reddit and answered the questions about class balance, Warlords features, garrisons, characters models and slight teasers for future content. Here we will share you with some key highlights of the summary. For more details, head over to the reddit. You can find cheap WoW gold exclusive offered at our site!

•No flying in Draenor in Patch 6.1; though there will be some flight path improvements
•Account-wide Heirloom system is still planned for Patch 6.1.
•They're working on support for custom garrison music for Patch 6.1
•The garrison may grow beyond Tier 3 in Patch 6.2
•Level 3 salvage crates give something from the level 2 crate loot table plus another chance at an additional item.
•Garrisons aren't coming to the mobile armory app, as they are a Warlords only feature for now and there are other tasks that would have more long-term use.

You can read the full responses instead of just highlights. If you want to buy WoW gold, contact us! We are committed to offering the WoW gold at discount prices.


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