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World of Warcraft Creator: E-sports should be In Olympics

The former chief officer of Blizzard and World of Warcraft in an interview said that video games should be in Olympics. He discussed the physical and mental ability of the best players in the world. To be fair, he's mostly talking about games like Starcraft, but his other point about games and cultural definition as to what is and isn't a sport seems more likely to hamper gaming at an Olympic level than anything else. It's just not very common for an activity that takes place in front of a computer to be seen as a sport. When you want to buy WoW gold, head over to our site to find the cheapest!

Without doubt, professional e-sports exist and can draw in significant interest - people watch streams on Twitch, top players can earn significant money, and we've seen people come out to watch them at places like BlizzCon and the Worldwide Invitational. But is it really a sport, and should we be seeing it in the Olympics? And what is your opinion? Agree with him or not?

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