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World of Warcraft Active Players Hit Over 10 Million Again

After the World of Warcraft 10th expansion, Blizzard was reported to sell 3.3 million copies in the first 24 hours. Now, the subscribers of World of Warcraft surpass 10 million once again. WoW is up from a low of 6.8 million subscribers over the summer. Players jumped back on board in the latter part of 2014 as excitement for Warlords of Draenor built. We highly recommend you buy WoW gold from this reliable site. We guarantee to provide you with 3-5 minutes delivery! You can rest assured play!

Now, World of Warcraft, with 10 million subscribers, is now much closer to its peak of 12 million subscribers Fans may also feel more confident in resubscribing to WoW after Blizzard announced that it canceled its Titan MMO followup last year. That game was set to take the place of WoW, but Blizzard decided against that strategy. Instead, Blizzard took parts of Titan and turned it into a team-based multiplayer shooter called Overwatch that is due out this year.

Blizzard now intends to focus on expanding WoW for the foreseeable future. That includes free content updates as well as regular expansions alone the lines of Draenor. And all of the players are definitely expecting for more exciting changes and features will come in the future.

We believe there will be more people subscribe World of Warcraft in the coming days. And if you are looking for WoW gold for sale, don’t hesitate to choose this site!

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