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World of warcraft 5.1 card on processing method

World of warcraft 5.1 update summary:
Update patch before please make your own will reverse the harmonious patch, change model card etc discharge or delete so as not to affect the normal download patch.
In addition, if you can update the patch normal words, so please be patient for your Launcher after complete in the game, or is likely to lead to error!
Unable to read from the required documents. Please try again after close antivirus software solutions

Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake


Players with solutions:
According to upgrade prompt unable to update the required documents, please shut down after the antivirus software and try again. Enter the data directory, the cache files to delete, and then to establish a group called cache folder, solve the problem.
The official solution:
1, the program will rewrite the game files, it is suggested that temporarily closed firewall and other background program, and then try to update the;
2, please try to create a new tube librarian account to run the program.
3, please make sure that no other program, is reading and writing of the world of warcraft client files (such as card, etc.).
Eliminate these problems, the main problem comes from the original client files, so how to determine?
1, check Data folder, there is sun muf or the MPQ files all shear world of warcraft outside the installation directory,
2, check Data folder, it contains any zhCN text MPQ files shear to zhCN folder;
3, check Data folder, it contains any enCN text MPQ files shear to enCN folder;
4, check zhCN folder, it contains any enCN text MPQ files shear to enCN folder;
5, check enCN folder, it contains any zhCN text MPQ files shear to zhCN folder;


Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake


Note: if the shear can continue to update, so shear files can be deleted.
World of warcraft 5.1 update card initialization of the world of warcraft 5.1 don't update in world of warcraft card landing status:
If play is normal, the problem only appears in the download patch, we first suggest you close downloader set of point to point transmission try.
If you are through the external broadband Internet connection, please confirm your modem has the most advanced firmware and driver.
If your computer via the USB connection of modem, please make sure the installing the latest motherboard drive or USB PCI card driver.
If your computer through the Ethernet connection modem, please confirm you latest installation of the driver for the network card.
If you are using a wireless network online, please try different wireless networking mode (your modem and router manuals may contain instructions). For example, the "802.11 b/g" mode switch into "802.11 b only" mode, this way had to solve some problems.
If possible, please try on your Internet connection to remove router (straight even modem, commonly known as: cat). This will enable you to appraisal is caused by the router connection interruption problems. If the reason is this, please refer to the document from the network product manufacturer or contact him further help to correct it.

World of warcraft 5.1 has been stuck in is update installation files
The control panel - management tools - service - Secondary Logon, the open to automatic.
1, please make sure that already open Secondary Logon service (control panel - management tools - service);
2, please try to delete Battle.net folder;
3, closed background application/firewall;
4, installation mode installation;
5, optimize network connection;
6, update, Adobe Flash Play;
7, clean up the registry (try to through the other tools to the registry redundancy item to clean up).

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