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WoD: Dungeon Preview, Grimrail Depot

Grimrail Depot is a new dungeon in Warlords of Draenor. After Skyreach, this was the dungeon that I could complete without disconnects on WoD Beta realms. Click here and find the best site to buy cheap WoW gold.

The entire dungeon is focused on Iron Horde and its artwork. The run was made at level 100 with a premade character and some of the trash packs were pretty challenging. We have a linear dungeon to deal with and the post interesting this about it is that part of the fights take place on a speeding train. The idea behind it is pretty neat, but the tight space in the train carts is not something I personally enjoy.

We have to defeat three bosses here. The fist one is basically two bosses, Railmaster Rocketspark. The bosses should die close to the same time and during the fight you have to face Borka’s charge to the boxes where Rocketspark stands to knock him down. The second boss is a three phases fight. Normal fight till 60% and after that you’ll have to kill the adds, loot them and use the cannons to destroy the Assault Cannon. Once that cannon is destroyed you can go back on boss and kill it. The third boss is the easiest one in my opinion. Just don’t stand in fire and burn him down. Buying WoW gold here will save you a lot of money!

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