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WoD: Call to Arms Removed

Since Call to Arms in Wrath of the Lich King named, the familiar sight of representatives from various battlegrounds has been a staple of the Warcraft experience. As new expansions were introduced, new battlegrounds came with them, and were subsequently added to the Call to Arms rotation.

While the thought of getting bonus honor might have been pretty good incentive when the feature was first introduced, as the years have gone on, the Call to Arms weekends have been doing exactly the opposite of what they'd been introduced to accomplish. Unfortunately, some battlegrounds are still perceived as favoring one faction over another. So what's the solution? Removing the Call to Arms weekends altogether.

Although the Call to Arms weekends are being removed, currently players can still blacklist up to two battlegrounds of their choice, and there seems to have been no moves made to remove that particular feature. But since queue times and faction imbalance in battlegrounds both seem to be something Blizzard is actively looking at now, it stands to reason that if blacklisting continues to discourage players from particular battleground maps, or lengthens queue times, that feature may also be looked at in the future. For now, this change should help with longer queue times, and allow players to spend less time waiting, and more time actively participating in PvP.

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