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WoD Beta: Monk Mistweaver Change

Game designer Celestalon posted the mistweaver monks change on the beta. If you are a monk player, this is definitely good news for you. Here, you can not only find a wide range of WoW gold you need, but also read the original post on the official site.

“Wanted to pop back in and let you know about an upcoming change that we're making to help out with how unreliable Mistweaver AoE healing feels.

•Renewing Mist will now jump to the lowest health target within 20 yards.

•Still prioritizes targets that don't already have Renewing Mist on them over those that do.

•Glyph of Renewing Mist now simply increases the max jump range to 40 yards.

It's important to note that this is a not an indication of us returning to having a lot of smart heals. But in this specific circumstance, we believe that it's the right course of action. This should ensure that Renewing Mist and Uplift healing is consistently effective, while still being uncontrolled.”

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