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Will you put your role in the park where on-line

Warcraft is my second world, sometimes boring to listen to the background music
The lens to pull up to go to see some usual busy no meditation to scrutinize the beautiful scenery
A group of large antelope with a few small antelope leisurely foraging, a melon yellow belly bullfrog from pond leakage after a head to see, jumping and jump to the shore...
The sky is so blue, the sun is so warm, a gust of wind, "her range of weeping willow then wave rise, gently over face, Queensland laishan bubble of water behind you form a number of small waterfalls, wan if silver dragon paddle, day female spread flower, water splashing around instant wet hair, a gorgeous rainbow floating hanging out over the waterfall

Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake


Several falls meeting together, over several road dam, final rendezvous in the lake, the lake clear tracts, the lake sparkled in the sunlight, a group of emerald green lungfish are happy with each other after xi xi,
Looking for a clean stone, quiet sat down, and remove rod far into the first pole, loyal partner's state, on the other side of the lazy a yawn, a naughty red dragonfly falls on the fishing rod, and gently point on the surface, once more going dimple, suddenly, hua spray 4 splash, rod fierce flick, fish...
But, are you ready to tickets? (only for entertainment, and there is no he meaning)? Before the boat, you are ready to put your role where to stay in the on-line? Is the wild landscape? Or city? Still?

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