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Wild group 25 normal fear in the heart of 1-6 BOSS


1. Every Saturday afternoon 1 point open wild group played for more than 4 years a group of a lot of savage. This is mainly pay attention to savage tactical! Execution ability to explain high nonsense is not much, mainly in the battle shout skills.
2. 1 hour at present on the GuShan 2 hours 1 hour fear series are ordinary old a series of elite, the subsequent video will block release.
3. This video is 1-4 original sound command, with a 5.1 after 25 people change points
25 wild group basic elements 3 T a T agile change is best ZST QST + DKT

Cenarion War Hippogryph 

16 and 17 most melee DPS with six take bird DE sp
Treatment usually choose 5-6 two milk ride two priests two milk gaza, if there is a famine can catch up on milk with milk's monk each one
Fear of heart downsizing strategy:
1.2 number is not a big lunch optional collar
3 began to make 25 people need seven conduction pheromone generally choose 2 t + 5 treatment dry it. Because wild group DPS pressure or some other except a bm hunter DPS basic doesn't fit. His hands the DPS is divided into two groups hands bloodthirsty struck four leg after the merge back to BOSS inside local has been pile exactly, leg as far as possible to play the rage war can be.
4 one of the most difficult BOSS the is not difficult is wind bomb nausea, tactics and ten people almost choose 1 t6 treatment reduce injury chain is divided into 4 groups enough specific video will points, hands control two amber a blademaster a treatment to kill treatment then blademaster with amber together dead. Because it is 25 people so into P2 wind blade all people don't move hard brush.
5, LiuShui tactics, very lunchbox, 2 t 6 treatment can, P1 leave sixty - 80 wave water, also is the seventh knife amber knife, the sixth tanks Cinderella into P2, P3 bloodthirsty RUSH big strange without brain smoke BOSS no technical content.
6, can choose tactics multiple, 2 shield tanks, you can use 2 t7 has treatment, tanks brittle, you can use 3 t6 treatment, concrete or P1 of sonic reduce injury do not depletion, 2 times after P1 into P3, P3 this is the true lunch.

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