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Warlords of Draenor: General Profession Changes For Fishing

Here, you found the perfect site to get the latest information about WoW, and buy cheap WoW gold. Now, we offer you the general professional change for fishing in Warlords of Dreanor.

You can create Draenor-quality recipes at skill level 1, so you don’t feel punished for not completely leveling up a profession.

Your Garrison buildings let you craft certain recipes even if you don’t have that profession learned--including epic gear from max-level buildings. Players with the building and corresponding profession can craft more items.

There are many catchup mechanisms for professions, and your Garrison buildings can provide the materials needed to craft recipes.

Professions no longer have combat perks tied to them. This is so that they feel like a personal choice and less like a compulsory thing for min-maxing.

You can only wear 3 Draenor crafted items at once, but you can upgrade them several times to ilvl 665.

Healing potions and Healthstones now share a cooldown.

Movement speed enchants increase speed by 10%, up from 8%.

Garrison buildings can enhance your professions--you can have up to three buildings generating materials for different

professions. Play around with your Garrison buildings and perks with our Garrison Calculator.

Completing  Draenor Master, obtaining 700 points in a profession, rewards the Artisan title.

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