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Warlords of Draenor: Garrison Mission

Garrison building is one of the most discussed features Warlords of Draenor. You can think of any kind of Garrison, and then customize it with whatever buildings you want, and you can switch those buildings out if you decide you're better off with a different kind of building. When you are looking for some cheap WoW Gold, head to the most professional site.

Your biggest use for your followers are missions -- tasks for your followers to complete. Think of yourself as the all-seeing, all-knowing quest giver for your followers and you've got a general idea of what that means. All missions are handed out via a table located in your Town Hall, where you can look at what kinds of randomly-assigned missions are available, and choose who to send where, or whether or not you really want to attempt a particular mission at all. Each mission has its own objectives and enemies that your followers are going to have to combat during the course of the mission.

And each mission has a series of threats that you'll need to counter. Your followers will have two different attributes you need to pay attention to -- abilities and traits. Both abilities and traits are designed to counter particular threats. Building a team for a mission is pretty easy in this aspect -- you want to choose the follower that can best counter the threat that the mission poses. The more of these abilities you counter, the better the chances of your followers successfully completing the mission.

Gold, armor, weapons, toys, and even grey vendor items that sell for a lot of gold. If you have the Salvage Yard built in your garrison, your followers will also bring back salvage in addition to whatever other rewards are offered for a mission's success. You don't have to actually go with your followers on these missions, either .You can set your followers up to go complete things for you while you're off doing whatever you like. Here, we will keep updating the news, just keep an eye for it. Of course, you can also buy WoW gold at the lowest prices.

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