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Warcraft Short Story: The Trial of the Red Blossoms

We just added a brand-new short story to the Destination: Pandaria section of the World of Warcraft community site. Check out The Trial of the Red Blossoms now!

They are the Sword in the Shadows. The Watchers on the Wall. The only line of defense against the evils that threaten Pandaria.

They are the Shado-pan.


Every seven seasons, the trees within the Shado-pan Monastery bloom crimson – a sign that those who wish to join the secretive order must pass through a grueling ordeal known as the Trial of Red Blossoms. Only those rare and favored few that survive may have a chance of one day calling themselves Shado-pan.

Some hopefuls seek glory. Others seek battle.

For one young pandaren thief, the Trial is a punishment for his crimes, a stay of execution, and a chance at redemption.

Read the story on our website, or download it for your e-reader in the convenient EPUB format to enjoy on-the-go or while nestled in your comfiest reading spot.

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