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Warcraft 5.1 online correction: dye down weapons punch 2500 gold one

World of warcraft version 5.1 will be held today for an important online correction (HotFix). The main purpose of this correction is to solve have been for players [black dragon princes eye] only get a problem. Crab talk about something that is not his original meaning, is he totally unexpected situation.
• From revenge for attack strength now to the player's biggest life value as the upper limit.
The commander of the plateau, mantis beef heart is now a task has been completed the corresponding line of the players sell crystallization fear, crystallization surprised some, crystallization terror and black dragon kind eyes.
To complete the task, "alliance of heart" or "tribes of heart" no longer sometimes mistakenly make players in the mirror.
The underground city, the team and the battle scene


S12 RBG Epic Package


The GuShan, treasure
• Ten people hero difficulty, be blessed is the seal now properly have a chance of making it lighter fall wind and the sealing ring of dreams.
At present in the suit, commander beef heart < courage quartermaster >, has begun selling legendary gem and slot. [black dragon princes eye] is complete "chapter 2: pull bush's war" achievement task reward, now the price of 2500 G by commander beef heart to sell. Before this, players to use it felt very hesitant because they worry that can't get the second. Crab in Twitter on admit that this is his unexpected:
Q: Make the black dragon princes eye can't again won, did it on purpose so that design? What's your opinion about this?
A: Didn't mean it.

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