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Tournament of Champions 2.0: 3v3 PvP

For those who are interested in 3v3 PvP competition, Tournament of Champions 2.0, with the usual battleground and arena scene, is coming! This player-run PvP tournament is 3v3, single-elimination style (with double-elimination in the semi-final rounds). If you want to buy WoW gold, visit our site and find the cheapest. We are always your reliable choice!

If you want to enjoy the fun -- and have a current rating over 2200 -- you can sign up through February 15th with the tournament tentatively scheduled to start on the 21st and last for two to three days. The tournament will be streamed on Twitch for everyone to enjoy. For more detailed information, head over to the official forum! Surely you should not miss the cheap WoW gold for sale at this site!


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