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The world's second struck elite H series of table 1

H GuShan magic in the first week we both sides will taste ten people group equipment suffered from slow accumulation. H spirits is a 0.01% lead to kill time delayed 6 hours. Paragon struck the emperor will average loading geometric our high level 5.
So in fear of heart open the first two weeks, we began to 25 people group cooperation. 1 week cooperation, both sides each a 25 National People's Congress number + small group 5 h, second week 11 times trying to kill 25 h the emperor's will. Fear of heart and the first week of h + small large complete two 25 5 h group. 5.1 25 h big queen and tried to kill.


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On a CD for the time being (25 people agreed to the establishment of the group) fear of evil spirit only try 7, the best result 30%. This CD will try its best to land clearing 25 h fear of evil spirit.
After the merger of our goal will be 25 people in the world.
The world's second struck H elite of endless
After getting up in the afternoon that blizzard weaken the elite of endless, we both sides unanimously decided to kill in the evening of endless elite.
Because most of the people in the rest, so we organize 10 people try to elite model. Trying to the 9 when we successfully struck ten people hero model elite endless guardian, the world's second, ten people the world first.
In general average 505 loading and deal with the weakened after the BOSS or easy.

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