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The United States times magazine history hundreds of big game in world of warcraft

It's hard to imagine if the world does not have the game, what will a situation. For one part person, the game is just a kind of recreation, the way to kill time. For others, it is a perfect game to a world of fantasy of a gate. For all of us, no matter whether you like games, it has become our current culture important component of.

Recently, the United States time magazine history of hundreds of big game for selection, including the whole game industry has great impact on the three paragraphs network game, respectively is the endless task ", "world of warcraft" and "network of genesis.

The network genesis "and" everquest "early in the last century 90 s already exists, and is very successful attracted a lot of players, and world of warcraft in global received great success is the network game's position to push the top of the game industry, in the peak global total have millions of active users. In addition, the one hundred great game selection list includes from the last century 70 s, 80 s, s and 90 s, and 2000 years after the game, one of the most still is our players are known as the game players.




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