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The spirit of peace or will be changed to pack tied or account binding

Blizzard about peaceful spirit binding mechanism explanation

Q: Do you have considered the spirit of peace (particles) into account binding or tradable? If I wish I had a double mining tauren mower words, so peaceful spirit to me completely is a kind of waste. I understand the spirit of peace the binding of the reason is that improve professional manufacture items of income, but why not to account bound to make other number can earn a little ?

A: When you choose A role double mining, can understand you can't through the manufacturing goods for gold, at least not in this role. Will the spirit of peace (particles) set to pickup binding is to tell you, as a professional manufacturer, you manufactured articles for yourself is very great. If you plan to sell the goods, but this allows you to drive up the price, obtain higher profit.

And just as some other players said, perhaps we will at some time will be the spirit of peace (particles) to pack tied or account binding, of course, I am not here to give you any commitment!

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