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The setting sun off challenge mode experience sharing: detail decides success or failure

The China-server open MOP or a few days, because the first week FB team delayed opening, YX this courage basic graduation and do not try a few the challenge mode, the younger brother in the setting sun shut spend time is 12 points 25 seconds, far longer than the clothes at present record 12 points 5 seconds, CiTie intended to draw, make subsequent children's shoes are just less detours.
First introduce the configuration of our team, we are DKT (469) + AM (467) + FS (467) + LR (465) + SM (466), mixture cooking all, 25 seconds potions CD good eat.

Old before a DKT we are a la 4 little strange, 3 wave finish pull, the current 40% is going to take a wave of small strange, we must pay special attention to the bomb, a bomb at least can fry general blood, as far as possible group halo a little strange, can reduce the number of bombs, for DPS save movement of the time, the tanks off the blood is not very intense, the basic treatment of spring + riptide + a small amount of powerful healing wave is sufficient to ensure that T do not die... Here introduced stimulate the secretion of milk a gaza province blue little skill, don't T just off of blood is added, such as T blood off after a third start riptide + a great or small wave, because of SM is proficient in current target blood is less, the higher the bonus healing, as long as the undead jotham, the next a basic can carry more than half blood, and we still have 1 minute 1 time of fast, the DK's brother chun, more need not worry too T be seconds kill.

Small clear strange, the old one is a ZhaZha, here team don't need reply, even if your blue is 0% to also have no relation, hands bloodthirsty, as long as the team are hiding good bombs, healing stream TT card CD put, the whole don't need treatment, usually play to old 1, my blue is about 45%, after the old 1, blue must be full (here can take into consideration the put mana tide, not to put, it doesn't matter, lightning bolt back blue enough)

An old play, go out is four small blame, the small blame will smoke bomb, need T took many move around, it is suggested that as much as possible in this province some blue, clear after this wave small blame is a halo of stair, need to jump to walk, walk the stairs after a wave of small strange, people think that this wave small strange is the FB pressure larger a wave, need DPS interrupt small strange article to read, I am here basic is soul coupling + rise opened shop rain strong brush, don't save skills, with YY and jotham exchange good skills of cohesion.

Second, the individual thinks DPS is the key, because he will be in the air flitter, DPS will sell at a discount greatly, and H mode to compare, the BOSS catch a person damage is a headache, the poison at a jump, then BOSS catch people, if you happen to be in the treatment of movement words is easy to cause depletion, here the treatment response must be quick, quick don't loathe to give up, general BOSS catch two people will do died, after old 2, water treatment immediately, we arrange for an LR cannon eliminate the road flame, and FS jump flash + rocket shoes blunt past trigger plot, and then all the man jumped over a story, direct clear before old three small blame.

Old three former little strange I think is the largest in the FB pressure place, damage is high, the quantity (tern), the more the trouble is small blame also to his presence a target of AOE damage, we processing is T pull kite, DPS to fierce boom, the first wave small blame all kill open after the second wave, the second wave small strange blood pressure into 30% directly after open BOSS, here I think must insert a mana tide TT guarantee blue, pull BOSS and small strange, for the first time in the BOSS put poison before AOE off little strange, open SX, in 4 wave in poison to kill BOSS, in this BOSS combat process will continue for a little strange, because T have been kite BOSS, it is difficult to give dual attention to the small monster, we way is to let FS ice ring little strange, SM change Wolf + to overlap kite strong brush yourself and tanks, basic in the treatment before OOM can kill the BOSS.

If your team here is still quite smoothly, so congratulations you, you from the gold medal has only one step away, to old three LR panther group, FS gave the team on floating, the direct impact on, don't hesitate to blue, directly open the last BOSS, find two outbreak NB up play weaknesses, guarantee three wave inside out weaknesses can, SM in the following extraction lightning bolt back to the blue, the small blame A drop, and kill weakness after the P2, hide good wind, dispel good BUFF, big recruit open, and then wait for the jump achievement ~ ~

PS (gold medal win after the system will send you a skills, can be directly transmitted to the setting sun shut oh ~)

Finally the international practice,'s family, the younger brother two area blade of frost shaman - press and publication administration, welcome to you have wanted to blunt challenge mode friends come to the exchange, and strive for early get unreal suit.

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