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The important points at Mists of Pandaria


· New race - Mists of Pandaria: world of warcraft's first neutral race. Join the alliance or tribe to begin your trip to azeroth? All up to you.

· New career - monk: hold Pandaria's martial arts JueXue, monks in a fight to do damage exporter, treatment and tanks.

· Level cap up to level 90(buy cheap WOW powerleveling): more powerful new skills, new spells will accompany you exploration road, make you at Penn Dali and this strange land adventure drawbacks.

· New adventure map: thick jade forest, steep Queensland laishan, as well as other strange area waiting for high-level player to come to adventure, and uncover latent fan trace the secret of the island.

· Scene battle: and his comrade-in-arms fight together and achieve campaign target of new PvE content, for example, to control the defense facilities common beat back the invasion of the enemy, and so on, combat mode flexibility.

· Underground city "challenge" mode: complete ultimate five squad underground city tried, in new city underground racing customs clearance, win a special incentive. "The challenge" model will be fully tested whether you and your group with excellent skills, combat determination and tacit cooperation.

· Pet against: in this new mini strategy game, you will use your pet collected to other players to challenge a, lead your little one in this small battlefield and rival fight it out it.

· New talent system: use the improved talent system transformation your role, try the latest play, get different experience.

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