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The Asian-server announced: 5.1.0 patch will not provide background download

Asian-server is open today 5.1 version of the news believe everybody knows (for details), but the clothes 5.1 when coming is still a wild card, it makes a lot of looking forward to 5.1 friends worried. However, this noon, netease world of warcraft operation team issued a and the clothes version 5.1 update relevant information, it seems, the clothes 5.1 May be next Tuesday the oh:

"With the approach of the 5.1 patch, we hope will the patch of update mode told all the players. Many players should have been familiar with the use of a backend downloader to download patch ahead of the model, but due to some current technical level changes, patch 5.1 will not be able to use the background download technology. New technology is also that we can't provide offline update.

In patch 5.1 on-line, you will need to use the standard world of warcraft start-up procedure to update the game client. In the future, we are ready to open background download and offline download, the earliest may be applicable to the next large patch.
We strongly you complete all content data (about 620 MB) download after again into the game to reach the best game experience.

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