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Test server career changes mage inflammation detonation technique increase CD



All mineral in complete pickup will disappear within 1 minute, even if there are items left behind.



Symbiotic cast time reduced to 2 seconds

Brew monk again won survival instinct, use 2 qi

The death knight blood spirit to acquire the power of the soker uzziah, use 30 runic power

Protection warriors again won brutal defense, but will only increase 30% dodge probability

Defense knight again won bark technique, the need to consume 1 st can

The symbiotic provide flee about roaring cooldown reduced to 5 minutes

The symbiotic provide sunlight operation its animation will now properly display 4 seconds

Sun operation glyphs mechanism change, is now the sun operation range from 5 yards increased to 10 yards

Sun technique the duration has been reduced to 8 seconds

The hunter

Fox guardian was removed

Steady shot, cobra shooting, barrage firing can now move in use

The bobcats charge change, now causes in 15 seconds every 3 seconds bleed damage caused by the debuffs, most can stack nine times

Wild anger no longer make a hunter's pet immune control field effect, but in the cast is terminated when the existing control field effect


New glyphs: careful spell glyphs. The glyphs will prevent vanity storm, living bomb, ice bombs, arcane barrage and condemned the impact to the base goal 5 yards goal.

The element of water

New ability: water injection. Water jet will continue to the target jet cold flow, in 4 seconds cause harm. Its master's frostbolt hit by the current influence goal will get 1 layer ice refers to the stack. This ability has 24 SEC cooldown (and freezing operation Shared cooldown) and 1 second casting time

Mage armor now make harmful magic effect of continuous time reduced by 25% (from 35%)

Ice barrier of absorbed dose was reduced by 25%

Inflammation detonation technique now has 3 SEC cooldown

Frost loops and deep freeze cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 45 seconds

Burning fire cycle hurt now do not calculate inflammation blasting technique, the damage has been increased to about before and consistent level

Hot flying now were subjected to arbitrary damage can be used

Spell steal mana cost increased from 7% to 21%

Fixed a can interfere with icy veins glyphs three small arrow shooting problems

Fixed a can lead to icy veins glyphs three arrows damage does not normal problems


Force through the fateful talent now every 22 seconds to provide force through the fateful gain, so that the next time through day strike an additional + 1 point qi

JinChuang medicine talent now every 15 seconds to provide JinChuang medicine gain, so that the next time drinking tea or recover the 10% maximum life

The paladin

The hand of salvation through revising, now in 10 seconds to remove all target threat value

The priest

Chakra: static now make monomer healing spells therapeutic dose increased by 25% (from 15% increase)

Chakra: save now make groups healing spells therapeutic dose increased by 25% (from 15% increase)

Psionic the life value from 30% the caster total life value reduced to 10%


Sprint cooldown reduced to 1 minute from 45 seconds

Blind cooldown reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute

Speed outbreaks of energy consumption from 60 down to 50

The wound poison damage is increased by 33%


The devil titanium and fear guards will no longer automatic casting stress field (threat)

Rain of fire

The liquidation also can make rain of fire cycle damage chance produce burning embers

Rain of fire will no longer need to target with sacrifice debuffs to produce burning embers

Rain of fire from every 2 seconds damage every 1 SEC to cause harm. The periodic damage animation will no longer always display

Combustion will now cause burning embers

Demon portal now lasts 20 minutes, and in the warlock hypertelorism no longer will disappear

Team, town and fight scene

Cooling time in five minutes or more skills in attempts to challenge mode will reset

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