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Ten people hero series table fear of evil spirit rage war experience sharing


As 5.1 keep close BOSS, fear of evil spirit and difficulty of the combat strength is self-evident. Whether the railgun for P1, P2 or transfer to shine strange, than half pile of H big queen into more efforts and mind.
Configuration: DKT, FQ NQ, discipline, animal husbandry and KBZ, LR, the element gaza, SS, FS (land clearing strongly suggest double QS team, two pure hand P2 fear to the dead are difficult)
First specialization problem, because a ray of hope P1 was 15% with rapid addition exist, in P1 there should be a better play, and Titan is very suitable for P2 the AOE battle mode, so the four knife flow warrior can be successful in the house,,,,,,, eager a Titan should be no built-in CD... But because ShouHei LZ has no two decent one hand, only the titans to play.



Reins of the Drake of the West Wind



Talent: double charge
Windmill (land clearing recommended)
Aid guard
Glyphs: giant, big jump, lingering anger
The fight over about 17 minutes, divided into series of P1 and P2 Taiwan new stage fear Spaces.

A lot of people say that fear of evil spirit dozen is P2, have certain truth, but the individual feels as a DPS P1 than P2 was too tired to much,,,
The whole P1 and PT are basically the same, in addition to increased health without any skills.
The difference between two points: 1. A pavilion cannot be fear. 2. Small blame is not playing, DPS must learn in the deluge of rail gun live down.
Just started to see strategy that this trifle complex burst, actually this is P1 most anencephalic thing, pavilion of crossbowman DPS pressure is bigger, we usually is the ball to the tanks and treatment to eat, DPS to fierce drum crossbowman.

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