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T and DPS equipment for inductive

Recently BBS everyone in the debate between tanks and DPS equipment contradiction, so today we'll count down those who cause tanks and DPS contradiction equipment!
1, bear the brunt is weapon: YiErJie well, saw crescent axe
The one hand axe, in 5.05 when they have caused controversy, remember the building Lord of the group at Tampa in see the weapons when a big "is this tank weapons! You've war take what single hand?" When I was kneeling. This is the first version of the mystery of the panda people cause the tanks and the contradiction of DPS weapons, because single hand power weapon was only a few, and tank demand hit precision attribute, and war and demand the weapon damage, so at that time caused a lot of debate and finally the most everybody ROLL.


Jeweled Onyx Panther-EU


Since then, there was seven machetes, again triggered a warrior and the contradiction of tanks. But this does not seem to strong.
2, with equivocal attribute parts and components: against the earth cuffs, hit master, this let a person not sure he is tanks and DPS equipment, this equipment can be used as tanks, DPS can be used. Thus at Tampa and to a "this is the tanks cuffs", in fact, this also is violent war (rage war proficient in income second, rapid income is very low, ret paladin, DK is a rapid accurate cuffs).
Properties of the same and ever yao necklace, etc.
3, agile tanks equipment.
Because tantra, monk feels particlarly upsetting even equipped with a thief hunter completely consistent (plate armour prevent a dodge, parry attribute, but agile none, completely and DPS in a set of equipment, in addition to jewelry ring except), so a lot of team will also occasionally appear agile equipment rivalry.
4, geeks of compatibility

Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent


Recently a rapid flow prevent ride impact DPS list first post, caused a lot of turmoil on prevention. So the BBS have player calls this except for a crit attributes of the parts and components, as long as there is rapidly and has become a anti ride equipment, of course, this is only a special case.
Such that debate, actually comes from different team not match system, different distribution system will produce different contradictions, so, let's look at current main team distribution system.
On the present mainstream team equipment distribution
At present most of the conference group will be priority tanks equipment, this no doubt, tanks resist say days BOSS play but, but, now there is a tank of resistance to live, continue to priority? Say to the tank of the resistance to live resist, will see different versions BOSS to tanks equipment required.
Blizzard design BOSS to change in the level of tank

Demand tank strength
The first of the request to the tank seems to be sixty level age NAXX his odd wake? In this battle, the tanks equipment is very strict, a little brittle point dozen however, so only the tank top up equipment. This is the test tank strength is the most direct one BOSS, later versions and TBC age cloth fat and so on.
Demand tanks attribute
Sixty level age land clearing NAXX 4 dk, don't know how many complete T3 in war jotham, because it needs suit attribute, so all the team have priority at Tampa suit, until out of the attribute.
Nearly version 4.3 and the soul of the dragon, because the fate of four t13 attribute, the team will have tanks equipment priority inserted to 4 t13.
Demand tanks from injury
The mystery of man to panda as an example, it seems that the tank of accidental death in the phenomenon less and less, and more is to avoid injury chain, at the request of the H big queen as an example, P2 tanks equipment again good all need a powerful avoid injury chain to protect the tanks, and in not avoid injury cases, well-equipped tanks may also be in 5 H the accidental death.
Return overdo to continued association group distribution system, some team is tanks, tanks can demand is priority tanks, some group is tanks enough resistance will be priority DPS (part time priority treatment), there are some high-end team is direct priority DPS, tanks equipment holes with tanks and treatment with direct connection and skills to make up for, there are more popular distribution system is only tanks can take the tanks, and DPS conflict ROLL directly.
So, do you think it's kind of distribution system is the most reasonable?

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