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Some News about the Fluctuated Value of WoW Token

If you have focused on wow token, you definitely know that it was live yesterday. Players can purchase wow token with real money and exchange for gold or game time. Blizzard said before that wow token will set an initial value and then let it fluctuate based on supply and demand. 

At launch, a $20 Token was initially valued at 30,000 gold, and actually pushed beyond that in the first few hours after release. But then it started to go down, down, steadily down, and now, according to wow token.info, your $20 Token now equates to 22,405 gold, more than a quarter less than the starting price.

The slump is not entirely surprising. As Venture Beat points out, the great likelihood is that players rushed to buy Tokens as soon as they were launched, then dumped them on the auction house to turn around some quick gold. And it's not as though 22k is an inconsequential sum, either.

Some Players found that: if the gold value continues to fall, players could be tempted to forgo their $15 monthly subscription fees in favor of Tokens,  tradeable for 30 days of game time, purchased with gold. We all want to know if Blizzard will take some actions about this. Let’s look forward to this.

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