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Same faction struck field BOSS can much group share drop

In the Mysteries of Pandaria, blizzard at present joined the two world BOSS, respectively is wrath of the evil spirit and gaza rice infantry, the former appear in Queensland laishan, which appeared in the four winds valley. Both fall T14 suit, S12 suit and mount, so quickly organized to challenge them!




Same faction struck field BOSS can group share drop.

Remember 60 s strike to fight the enemy camp leaders, both attack and to do some 40 people group, playing a MoJi long time? Remember to all people get struck achievement, offense several team need orderly red, into the chief threat list? The team since large one version in the process of change constantly not far behind, these eggs painful routines have been fade out players vision. However, in the 90 s, and finally is useful!

Thursday server restart, open suit online normal group, brush brush wine BOSS, then all kinds of daily. Someone found evil spirit has been updated, and then into the team for the team, the group of people open kill. The alliance and the horde at that time there were a team, the league to get the BOSS, and tribal began to rock the boat. Alliance kept running resin, didn't let tribal robbed, until the BOSS rage. Not only alliance group, even the tribe has also been BOSS kill a clean. (down this thing, it's no conscience, I once ran resin, and once laughed collywobbles).

And down again update, tribal group get the BOSS, but it's alliance with the way he is after his body, also let tribal tasted the taste of misery. BOSS once again rage, tribal group also struck failure. Such again and again, actually everybody can't kill, and finally only diagram a scuffle of fun. Visual alliance group two face anti-wear BOSS, playing the rest 6 kw, and tribal group only grinding to 12 kw, seemingly league battle force or the upper hand, can only to amuse oneself, comfort.

Stay down climb up again into the fight, the ans found BOSS still is gray. This is another league team steal the BOSS. Lenovo just this group has been chose to heaven, didn't help playing BOSS, also didn't help against the tribe make trouble, the ans simply on birds, also looked at in heaven. In order to conclude the united front, that group a milk riding friends, transferred to our group, and see if I can help red.

The idea of dyed red very early, evil spirit also good say, refresh pretty fast. However sailing this bitch, after death become warped did not run resin, several genius uncover a surface, on tight badly. That day to keep it, is the alliance and the horde, total opened four group make it, finally only one group pick peaches. At that time the ans just want to have a try, can use old routines red, into the list of hatred, but because the scuffle several group command lack of tacit understanding, carry out only in a few ideas, no true test.

This take down to do the experiment, incredibly successful. Although because someone will not red, the second group only some of them to drop.

But the theory proved feasible, as long as the later synchronous struck team mutual coordination is good, should be able to guarantee each group's people have right to pick up!

Red method actually a lot of people know, but here or say that, in order to grasp the new players

The first phase:

A, The team A began to enter the BOSS fight, group head to see BOSS shows red, said into the BOSS hatred list.

Second, the team of A, choose any one into hatred list members A fall out, turn to join the team B.

Three, to join the team B's armor, see BOSS head portrait is still red, said hatred continue to maintain, can begin to help team members B dyed red.

# In order to speed up the progress, a preference to go to team BUFF career, or treatment skills career.

The second phase:

One, BUFF red method

1, Hypothesis for a mage, can BUFF on intelligence, then every 10 seconds, pat a intelligence BUFF. ,

2, The team B all members, first will himself existing intelligence BUFF point drop, etc on the armor BUFF, again to play the king.

3, Team B all members, constantly switching goal, in the armour and BOSS back and forth between the conversion, until the BOSS head portrait name display red.

4, If the BOSS is still gray, it point out intelligence BUFF, such as armor BUFF on next time, continue to play the king.

5, Repeated 1-4.

* This method to the physical output professional easier to act.

Second, the treatment method of dyed red

1, Hypothesis for the treatment of a professional, and constantly treatment team B, BOSS harm to members, guarantee every time is effective therapy (full blood donors can't red).

2, The team B members, in be BOSS damage, and to be a treatment period, to keep BOSS output.

3, Tanks take direct BOSS attack, because constantly injury, can constantly subject to effective treatment, so red sequence is preferred, other professional relatively slowly.

* Hit not enough to shit.

Three, reverse therapy

1, Hypothesis armour is neither treatment, nor can add BUFF career, so only by team B members, and in a fall blood, to treat armour.

2, Theoretically spell treatment and bandage therapy can use, but bandage there will be a CD, low efficiency, so bandage flow back.

3, Security team of B treatment profession, priority red, they through the group treatment, can improve the speed of dyed red teammates.

* Other non treatment professional teammates, to have been dyed red and loss of blood therapy USES bandage can also, don't just waiting to use a bandage.

Four, reverse BUFF method

1, hypothesis by a red team B members, can be on team BUFF career, please to team B remind, every 10 seconds began to take corresponding BUFF.

2, the team B members point out corresponding BUFF, the other with the first red method m, 1-4 cycle to and fro.

* Don't understand, go to the BUFF red method.

Five, in team red method

1, No matter what kind of a career, no matter use a ~ four that red method, and a team member, red speed relatively fast.

2, If armor has red with team members, then change to other teams, leaving the original team was dyed red as a member of the dyed red seeds.

3, A member of the team B and team A swap, can also increase the red method, the improvement of the whole red speed.

* Command the brain must be awake, don't take people played, but not group receiving, this is a big fear.

The wild BOSS replaced and Latin, for the two camps struck increased a lot of variables. Content with rare for expensive, absoluteness and life, in the hope that the discovery, can at least help camp, a few more times struck opportunity.


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