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Robin Williams Gets the WoW Tribute as Blizzard Promised

Gamer asked for a tribute for Robin Williams for memorial. As Blizzard promised gamers a tribute to the late, great Robin Williams get one tribute. The World of Warcraft tribute he gets looks like the studio has been quick to act on its word. Just days after Wowhead found hidden character code paying homage to the actor, that persona is live in the game. If you're in the Warlords of Draenor expansion's beta, you can visit an island with a familiar-looking lamp; rub it and a genie pops out flaunting his "infinite cosmic power," directly referencing Williams' beloved role in Aladdin.

That' s not the only nod to Williams' legacy, either. You'll also find a broken egg with machinery inside (an allusion to Mork and Mindy), and there may be subtler odes to both Mrs. Doubtfire and Toys. The in-game memorial won't be available to everyone until Draenor officially launches on November 13th. By the way, you are able to find WoW Gold sold at the most reasonable prices here!

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